Legal Tokusatsu Streaming List

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A curated list of worldwide legal tokusatsu streaming. Please note that this list only for Japanese works, platform that host foreign works such as Power Rangers or Bima Ksatria Garuda is not included in this list.


Online Platform

Streaming Site Country / Area Language Note
Amazon Worldwide    
AsianCrush Wordwide   Mainly for Asian drama, providing content that licensed by Digital Media Rights
Bandai Channel Japan   1800+ titles
Crunchyroll Worldwide except Mainland China, most of their contents is not available in Asia Mainly Japanese dub with English substitle; Portugues and Spanish dub depends on availability Included in VRV subsciption
HiDive   English, Portuguese and Spanish, subtitle and dub depends on availability Contents licensed via Sentai Filmworks
Hulu United States English subtitle and/or dub  
Hulu Japan Japan    
Midnight Pulp     Provides cult anime that licensed by Digital Media Rights
Netflix Worldwide except Mainland China, Syria, North Korea and Crimea   Support various devices (more info)
Nico Nico Channel Japan Japanese dub  
Telasa Japan Japanese  
Toei Tokusatsu Fanclub Japan Japanese Android and iOS only; 960JPY/month
Toku North America Japanese dub with English subtitle  

Free to watch Youtube channel

Streaming Site Country / Area Language Note
Ultraman Official   English, Indonesian, Portuguese, Chinese Provided by Tsuburaya Production
Toei Tokusatsu World Official   English, Indonesian, etc (depends on fan translation) Produced/licensed by Toei. Also provides tokusatsu.